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Composite Contact Focused Transducer

Composite Contact Focused Transducer (CCFT) does not require focus lenses to obtain the focusing effect.  Instead, the concave element itself can reach the focusing result to improve the transverse resolution and focal spot sensitivity.  Meanwhile, it features high axial resolution, high sensitivity, and high signal to noise ratio.  Therefore,  CCFT improves the clearness of the acoustic images.  CCFT can also increase the precision of welding inspection and the signal to noise ratio of coarse grain materials.


  • CCFT features high transverse resolution, high axial resolution, high sensitivity, and high signal to noise ratio.
  • Instead of using acoustic lenses, concave element itself can obtain the focusing result.
  • Cylindrically focused and spherically focused transducers can be easily made by the flexible composite materials.
  • There is less energy loss due to the similar acoustic impedance between epoxy and composite material.
  • Reliable acoustic match between CCFT and wedge can improve the efficiency of the transducer.
  • Increased transverse resolution and axial resolution can improve the clearness of acoustic images including C-scan, P-scan, B-scan, and 3D-scan.


  • Frequency: 2.25MHz - 7.5MHz
  • Element size: 0.25" - 1.00" (6mm - 25mm)
  • Focusing configuration: Spherical and Cylindrical
  • Type: Longitudinal wave contact, delay line, protected, angle beam, and contact paintbrush transducers
  • Focal spot size: 2mm - 2.5mm
  • Certification (per ASTM E1056): RF wave-form and frequency spectrum; axial and transverse beam profiles


  • Coarse grain material testing to increase the signal to noise ratio.
  • Ultrasonic imaging (B-scan, C-scan, P-scan, and 3D-scan)
  • All other contact ultrasonic inspections to increase the transverse and axial resolution

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