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Automated Ultrasonic Pipeline Inspection System

Large Diameter Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Pipeline Inspection and Analysis System (CDU-PL101)

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  • Automated ultrasonic inspection system
  • Lower reject rates than radiography
  • Rapid and reliable data interpretation
  • Scanning speed up to 150mm/sec
  • Inspection cycle of less than four minutes for 40" pipe
  • Lighter and smaller integrated array probe pans
  • Pipe diameter from 500mm to 2000mm, and pipe walls from 6mm to 35mm
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM E-1961 and API 1104 code standards
  • Real-time color B-scan display
  • TOFD display improves defect detection and defect sizing
  • Accurate location of defect in welds
  • Accurate measurement of defect length
  • Characterization of defect types
  • Special scans for specific defects
  • Colored strip charts on the right side of screen show coupling status
  • Automatic data recording and complete report generation
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Easy to use

Pipe Diameter 500mm to 2000mm (20" to 80")
Pipe Wall Thickness 6mm to 35mm (0.25" to 40")
Scanner Type Band scanner (PLS-B)
Scanner Weight 3Kg
Scanner Axis Single or Double
Probe Pan Integrated Array
Additional Probe Optimal transducers for transverse defects
Weld Profile All common welds: manual or automatic, V, double V, X, J-bevel, CRC-Evans
Instrument 16 to 32 channels
Bandwidth 20KHz PRF
Pulse Output Amplitude from 50V to 700V, width from 20ns to 500ns
Pulse Delay Adjustable from 0µs to 25µs in 2m increments
Dynamic Range 56dB/channel
Inspection Mode Pulse-echo, pitch-catch
Input Impedance 50W
DAC Up to 30dB/µs on each element slope before scanning
Filter High-pass: 1MHz 2MHz 4MHz 7MHz
Low-pass: DC 2MHz 4MHz 8MHz 13MHz
Power 90V-250V 50Hz-60Hz
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Inspection Method Multi-channel zone discrimination or custom scans as specified
Zone Size ASTM E-1961 zone size is 1mm to 3mm
Display Multiple B-scan and TOFD recommended
Go-no-go display
A-scan display
Code ASTM E-1961 API 1104 or DNV 2000-OS-F101 or custom specifications
Computer Rack mount, Portable, or customer defined
Ethernet or RS232 ports
Windows platform

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