Standard Ultrasonic Transducers

CDIT provides certification services including standard certification (SCF-WS) which records RF waveform and frequency spectrum, Axial Beam Profile (CABP), and Transverse Beam Profile (CTBP). Electrical Impedance and Beam Alignment are also provided according to ASTM-E1065 standard.

Standard Certification (SC-WS)

Standard Certification consists of a real-time wave form and a Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum. The frequency spectrum indicates center frequency, peak frequency, and bandwidth at-6dB.

Beam Profiles

Beam Profiles include Axial Beam Profile (CABP) and Transverse Beam Profile (CTBP). CABP records pulse-echo amplitude of sound field as a function of distance from transducer face. It is also defined as "Distance-Amplitude Curve". CTBP provides sound beam intensity across the face of the transducer at a given distance.