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Ultrasonic Transducers

Contact transducers are used for longitudinal wave test. They are designed for general purpose manual ultrasonic inspections. We offer two types of contact transducers--Standard and Fingertip. G series, R series and S series are available for both types of transducers.

Standard Contact
Fingertip Contact

Protected Element
Protected Element Transducers are used for rough, irregular or hot surface.  There are three different types of protective faces.  Protected Membrane, Protected Wear Cap, and High Temperature Delay Line.  These transducers are available in both G series and S series with either straight or right angle BNC connectors.  Lemo connectors may also be available.

Protected Element

Delay Line
Delay Line Transducers are normally used for precision thickness gaging or some flaw detections of thin materials.  We provide three models: Replaceable, Permanent, and Pencil Delay Line.

Replaceable, Permanent
Pencil Delay Line

Dual Element
Dual Element Transducer contains two elements which are acoustically and electrically separated from each other in one housing.  This type of  transducer is designed for detecting near surface flaws and thin wall sections as well as corrosions and thickness measurements.  We provide five types of dual element transducers: Standard, Fingertip (Potted and Replaceable), Rectangular, High Temperature and Angle Beam.

Standard Dual
Fingertip (Potted and Replaceable) Dual
Rectangular Dual
High Temperature Dual
Angle Beam Dual

Angle Beam
Angle Beam Transducer is designed for weld inspections or flaw detections.  They are used to change longitudinal wave to refracted shear wave through the wedge.  We offer five types of angle beam transducers: Standard Replaceable, Standard Fixed, Quick Change, Miniature Replaceable and Miniature Fixed.

Standard Replaceable
Standard Fixed
Quick Change
Miniature Replaceable
Miniature Fixed

Immersion Transducers are designed to use in manual, semi- automatic, and automatic ultrasonic testings.  Most operations are processed in water.  This particular application enhances the coupling ability.  Spherical or cylindrical focusing can be accomplished with using the acoustic lenses.  The focused transducers can improve sensitivity and resolution.  Standard, Large Diameter, Slim Line, Pencil Style, IR Style and Paintbrush.

Standard Immersion
Large Diameter Immersion
Slim Line Immersion
Pencil Style Immersion
IR Style Immersion
Paintbrush Immersion
Thickness Gauging We provide a wide variety of thickness gauging transducers (single element and dual element) to satisfy some inspection requirements. They are designed for different lines of thickness gauges.

Thickness Gauging Transducer

In addition to the standard catalog transducers, we also manufacture custom transducers per customer designs and requests.

Custom Transducer

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