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Paintbrush Immersion Transducers

Paintbrush Immersion Transducers are applied for testing large scanning areas, such as steel or aluminum plates.

Element Size A B C
2.0x0.25 12.5" 0.75" 0.85"
1.5x0.25 12.5" 0.75" 0.85"
Frequency Element Size Part Numbers
(MHz) (Inch) (mm) G Series R Series
1.0 2.0x0.25 51x6 PBG1-2002 PBS1-2002
1.5X0.25 38X6 PBG1-1502 PBS1-1502
2.25 2.0x0.25 51x6 PBG5-2002 PBS2-2002
1.5X0.25 38X6 PBG2-1502 PBS2-1502
5.0 2.0x0.25 51x6 PBG5-2002 PBS5-2002
1.5X0.25 38X6 PBG5-1502 PBS5-1502

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