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Automated Multi-channel Ultrasonic Inspection and Analysis Systems

CD International Technology, Inc. (CDINT) designs and manufactures automated ultrasonic inspection systems and accessories with world-class technologies. We offer support, consulting, and training to our customers and potential customers on technical issues.

Our products are used in ultrasonic inspections of many mission critical parts, materials, and components in various fields. Applications include petroleum, chemistry, electricity, nuclear, aerospace, aviation, and transportation.

We also design and manufacture custom automated ultrasonic inspection systems to fulfill unique customer needs. Our turnkey solutions include mechanical, electrical control, scanner, and transducer subsystems. If you already have a partial or legacy solution in place, we can build on your existing data acquisition, pulser-receiver, or software to create a complete automated inspection system that meets your needs.

All of our products go through quality assurance procedures and are inspected by our experienced technical staff.


Technical Specifications

Overall Analog Performance
Analog Bandwidth, Receiver 90MHz (-3dB)
Calibrated Gain 100dB
Gain Step Size 0.1dB
Equivalent Input Noise 1.3NV/sqrt(Hz)
Linearity ±0.5dB
Response Rate Full gain change 40dB/µs
Differential Gain, Phase 0.02%, 0.03°
Slew Rate 275V/µs
Continuous Output Current 35mA
Output Voltage Swing ±4.5V into 150 load
Number of Channels 1 to 4 on-board up to 64
Channel Triggering Internal
Front End RPP1 Pulser Preamplifier
Installation 1 to 4 modules on-board up to 64
Remote installation to 50m (150')
Pulser Type High-sensitivity (HS)
High-resolution (HR)
High-frequency (HF)
Preamplifier Type Standard (C)
Wideband width (D)
Pulser Characteristics
Excitation Negative Spike Pulse
Amplitude 8 levels, operator selectable
PRF 500Hz to 20KHz
Damping 2 settings, operator selectable
Stability ±2% FSH at constant PRE
Flatness >±0.5dB (PRF: 500Hz to 20KHz)
Mode Pulse-echo through transmission
Max. Pulse Amplitude 750V±1% (HS)
Through Muse Typically 100dB at 90MHz
Frequency Filters
Number and Type of Filters 5 low pass and 4 high pass
High Pass Filter 1, 2, 4, and 7MHz
Low Pass Filter DC, 2, 4, 8, 13 (90MHz BW)
Time Base
Measure Range to 300 µ sec per channel
Delay Plus Range to 150 µ sec per channel
Delay Plus Range Resolution 10 n sec
Number of Gates 2
Modes Master or slave
Measure Range 300 µ sec
Delay Plus Range 150 µ sec
Delay Pluse Range 10 n sec
Gates Positive, negative, or Absolute
Dynamic Gate Back Wall Echo
Dynamic Range 48dB
Amplitude Resolution 0.1dB
Number of Steps 1 to 256
Slew Rate 275V/µs
Last Gate Attenuator Back wall echo attenuator (to 40dB)
Angalog to Digital Conversion
Resolution 8 bit
Sampling Rates 100MHz/s
High-speed Buffer 256KB
Computer, Data Storage, and Display
CPU Pentium III 866MHz
RAM 128MB, expandable to 1GB
Hard Disk Drive 80GB, expandable
Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB
Display 14" TFT VGA color
Control Device Keyboard, mouse, or trackball
Acquisition and Analysis Stations
Recording Data Rate Up to 5MB/s sustained data rate with proper PC; data storage is directly to disk
Real-time Imaging Multi-channel, angle-corrected real-time top, end, and front views; A-scan, B-scan
Standard Printer port, external VGA, 2 serial ports
Optional 8 port digital I/O
Going LAN or Modem
Input/Output 4 input and output port
A/D Converter and Real-time Signal Processor
RF Recording True RF recording; conditional RF recording; compressed RF recording
A/D 8 bit, 100MHz, up to 256K points
Pulsing Trigger Modes External (5 volts), absolute position, fixed dis-placement, or fixed time trigger
Line Voltage and Frequency 100 to 250 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
Operating Temperature (without cooling) 10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 80% RH non-condensing
Dimensions 450mm(W) x 220mm(H) x 390mm(L)
17.7"(W) x 8.7"(H) x 15.4"(L)
Weight (single) 13.5Kg (30 lb)
Control Version PR401, TCF6401
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