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Automated Submerged-arc Welded Pipe Inspection System (WPU)


  • 100MHz, 8-bit A/D converter
  • 20KHz pulsing rate (PRF)
  • Real-time waveform recording
  • Real-time B-scan and Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) display
  • Real-time data acquisition and data analysis from standard industrial PC
General WPU Series is multi-channel B-scan ultrasonic inspection system. This system is intended for high speed ultrasonic inspection of spiral or longitudinal welded pipes. It is installed for on-line or off-line inspections.
Inspection Range Inspection range includes 100 percent of weld volume per ASTM E 1961. The weld is divided into zones, each from 1mm to 3mm deep. Pipe-body inspection range from 20 to 100 percent volumetric coverage per inspection specification
Inspection Standard Flaw detection meets or exceeds API Spc. 5L and 5CT, or as otherwise specified by the customer
Multi-channel The basic system includes 16 channels with expansion capacity to 32 channels for enhanced flaw detection in heavy thickness welds. For pipe-body inspection, depending on inspection coverage and inspection specification, it reaches 16 to 48 channels.
Inspection Mechanics and Tracking Gantry and column scan system with vertical axial and rotational adjustment for pipe diameter and weld pitch. Tracking mechanics use contact or non-contact motorized method
Inspection Speed B-scan linear inspection speed along with weld line is 150mm/sec and A-scan is 500mm/sec
Flaw Marking Automatic marking of indication exceeding rejection threshold with waterproof paint
Inspection Report Inspection report and list of defect is based on customer requirements. It includes detecting channel, gate, threshold level, position, B-scan, and TOFD display

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