Immersion Tank Inspection System (CDU-TI)

The CDU-TI301 system is designed for laboratory use and is ideal for application studies, small scale production, and developing techniques to be used with larger production units. This system is a microcomputer controlled scanner that consists of a tank, a precision scanning bridge, an integrated flaw detector, and an advanced data acquisition and analysis package.

The CDU-TI302 system is targeted for the inspections of bar stock from 1000 to 12000 lbs. This system includes a programmable bridge, a heavy duty unit designed for indexing along tank-mounted rails, a rotate fixture and a bar following manipulator. The bar follower provides five transducers to perform these inspection modes: "bread slicing", "helical scan" and "longitudinal scan".

The CDU-TI303 system is capable of precision disk and general purpose components of revolution inspection. This system is provided with seven axis and dual manipulators. A high precision lift platform and turntable are available to provide programmable turntable height.

CDU-TI304 is designed as a gantry system for inspection of composite, airframe, and general purpose components. This system utilizes a high precision rack and pinion, closed loop, bridge which carries two independent manipulator carriage. Multi-channel transducer arrays are available for high throughput. The complex contour scan can be created and downloaded.
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