Rectangular Dual Element Transducers

Rectangular Dual Element Transducer provide large scanning areas.  It can be used on flat or curved surfaces.  We offer microdot or lemo00 connectors for this type of transducer.  Replaceable delay line may also be available upon customers' requests.

Element Size A B C
0.5x1.0 1.50" 0.75" 0.91"
0.5x0.5 0.75" 0.75" 0.91"
Frequency Element Size Part Numbers
(MHz) (Inch) (mm)
1.0 0.5x1.00 13x25 RD1-0510
2.25 0.5x1.00 13x25 RD2-0510
0.5x0.5 13x13 RD2-0505
3.5 0.5x1.00 13x25 RD3-0510
0.5x0.5 13x13 RD3-0505
5.0 0.5x1.00 13x25 RD5-0510
0.5x0.5 13x13 RD5-0505