Composite Piezoelectric Transducers

CDIT's Composite Piezoelectric Transducer (CPT) features the following super performances:

High Sensitivity
The composite material has a relatively low acoustic impedance(Z), so it has a better acoustic match with low acoustic impedance materials, such as plastic wedges or delay line and water for immersion inspections. Electrical energy can be converted to acoustic energy much efficiently.

Broad Bandwidth with High Resolution & High Sensitivity
CPT has high axial resolution and broadband (60% - 100%) traits.

High Signal to Noise Ratio
CPT features high signal to noise (S/N) ratio. Since CPT has high coupling coefficiency(Kt), converting between electrical energy and acoustic energy is much efficient.
CDIT offers composite piezoeletric transducers including contact, dual element, protected, delay line, angle beam, immersion, and special transducers with frequency from 0.5MHz to 7.5HMz, element size from 0.25" to 1.125".