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Ultrasonic Transducers Selection

Selecting a proper transducer plays a critical role in ultrasonic testing. Different testing objects need different types, frequencies, sizes, and characteristics of transducers. CDIT provides the normal transducers with frequency range from 0.5MHz to 25MHz. We also produce high frequency transducers that range from 25 to 100MHz and low frequency transducers which are lower than 0.5MHz. The normal element size is from .0125" to 1.125".

We offer three series of transducers: High Sensitivity (S series), High Resolution (R series), and General Purpose (G series) which provide an optimum combination of sensitivity and resolution.

R Series: 60%-100% bandwidth at -6dB
G Series: 40%-60% bandwidth at -6dB
S Series: 20%-40% bandwidth at -6dB

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