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01.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 6 foot, 50 ohm
02.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 10 foot, 50 ohm
03.Coaxial Cable, BNC to SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact), RG174, 3 foot, 50 ohm
04.Coaxial Cable, SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact) to SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact), RG174, 3 foot, 50 ohm
05.Coaxial Cable, BNC to L00 (Lemo 00 compatible), RG174 dual, 6 foot, 50 ohm
06.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 5 foot, 50 ohm
07.Coaxial Cable, SMA to SMA, RG174, 1 foot, 50 ohm
08.Coaxial Cable, BNC to L00 (Lemo 00 compatible), RG174, 6 foot, 50 ohm
09.Coaxial Cable, MCX plug (male contact) to SMB plug (female contact), RG174 flexible (TPR jacket), 1 foot, 50 ohm
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Bulk Coaxial Cable, RG174 low loss, 500 foot, 50 ohm
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CB-174LL-500 is a 500 foot (152.44 meter) roll of RG174 low loss 50 ohm solid core cable. 50 ohm coax cable, connectors, and adapters are commonly used in GPS and wifi (802.11 wireless LAN) antennas, ham transceivers, and other radio frequency (RF) analog and digital signaling, microwave, radar, hi-fidelity professional audio, non-destructive testing (NDT), oil and petroleum production, ultrasonic transducers, accelerometers, strain gauges, and some professional video applications.

About Low Loss Cable

This is Belden's 7805 "low loss" cable. It's similar to RG174, but with a solid copper core and a layer of foil added under the braid. This combination causes less attenuation, providing roughly 50% more signal as measured in decibels. 7805 also works better at higher frequencies, and is rated up to 6 GHz. The foil layer also provides for better EMF shielding versus braid alone. We see this cable used in fixed-place permanent installations such as wifi and GPS antenna extensions, other RF applications, low-voltage signal sources including radiation detectors and strain gauges, high-frequency or fast-rise transient signals, and other low-vibration applications in aerospace, nuclear physics, petroleum refining and chemical processing.

This cable is not recommended for use in applications where it will undergo repeated cycles of flexing or vibration -- the solid core will eventually break under those conditions. You may instead want one of these stranded-core RG174 variants:

  • RG174 standard has a stranded core and PVC jacket.
  • RG174 TPR has a stranded core and TPR jacket. The TPR jacket provides for more flexibility, most useful in bench and handheld applications.
  • RG174 low noise has a stranded core, PVC jacket, and a carbon layer under the braid. The carbon layer reduces flexing-induced static and provides some additional shielding. It's best at lower frequencies -- see the notes on that page.

RG174 low loss Specifications

The following are nominal values; if you have exact requirements that need to be met for a given application, please contact us.

Impedance50 ohms
Capacitance102.3 pF/meter (31.2 pF/foot)
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 C (-40.0 F)
Maximum Operating Temperature80 C (176.0 F)
Jacket Diameter2.8 mm
Jacket MaterialPVC
Velocity Ratio66%
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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 18 July, 2015.

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