Ultrasonic Instruments

  • Compact battery powered
  • Integrated with industrial notebook PC (CDU-801N) or 8" LCD display (CDU-801P)
  • Integrated control - work with scanners without addtional controllers
  • Portable, reliable, and easy to use
  • Multi-channel A B C scans and TOFD display

Channels: 4-8 full channels
Transmitter Pulse Type: Rectangular
Amplitude: 50V-300V
Receiver Frequency Range: 0.2MHZ-30MHZ
Dynamic Range: 100dB
Linearity: 60dB1dB
High Pass Filter: DC12.557.5MHZ
Low Pass Filter: 3.57.5101522.5MHZ
Digitization Sampling Rate: 100MHZ
Resolution: 8bit
Physical Specifications Depth, Width, Height: 10.2"x12.8"x3.1" (260x325x80mm)
Weight: CDU-801P: 7.70lb (3.5kg) CDU-801N: 9.30lb (4.2kg)
Working Temperature: 0-50C(32-122F)
Power Battery Power: Internal batteries for up to 5 hours (8 channels) or 7 hours (4 channels)
External Power: 18V output, 110-240V input with battery charger
Software Imaging: A B C scan and TOFD display
Documentation: Reporting and printout
Date Recording: Imaging and A scan date

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