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    to TNC bulkhead mount female-> (60)
    to TNC female-> (60)
    to TNC reverse polarity-> (60)
  BNC female-> (5175)
  L00-> (5235)
  L00 female-> (5130)
  L1-> (5220)
  MCX 90 degree plug-> (5115)
  MCX jack-> (5115)
  MCX plug-> (5115)
  MMCX 90 degree plug-> (2460)
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  RG316 double shielded-> (20535)
  RG58-> (135)
  SMA-> (5115)
  SMA 90 degree-> (4635)
  SMA 90 degree female-> (5115)
  SMA female-> (5115)
  SMA female reverse polarity-> (5115)
  SMA reverse polarity-> (2460)
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  SMB 90 degree plug-> (5115)
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  TNC-> (5115)
  TNC 90 degree-> (2460)
  TNC bulkhead mount female-> (5115)
  TNC female-> (5115)
  TNC reverse polarity-> (5115)
01.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 6 foot, 50 ohm
02.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 5 foot, 50 ohm
03.Coaxial Cable, SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact) to SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact), RG174, 3 foot, 50 ohm
04.Coaxial Cable, BNC to 10-32 (Microdot compatible), RG174, 10 foot, 50 ohm
05.Coaxial Cable, BNC to SMB 90 degree (right angle) plug (female contact), RG174, 3 foot, 50 ohm
06.Coaxial Cable, BNC to L00 (Lemo 00 compatible), RG174 dual, 6 foot, 50 ohm
07.Coaxial Cable, SMA to SMA, RG174, 1 foot, 50 ohm
08.Coaxial Cable, BNC to L00 (Lemo 00 compatible), RG174, 6 foot, 50 ohm
09.Connector, BNC (for RG174, RG178, RG188, RG196, RG316)
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Coaxial Cable, BNC bulkhead mount female to MMCX 90 degree (right angle) plug (male contact), RG174, 5 foot, 50 ohm
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BFBHM2C9-174-5 is a RG174 5 foot 50 ohm (1.52 meter) coax cable assembly with a BNC bulkhead mount female connector on one end and a MMCX 90 degree (right angle) plug (male contact) connector on the other end.

About 50 ohm cable assemblies

This cable assembly has a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms. 50 ohm coax cable, connectors, and adapters are commonly used in GPS and wifi (802.11 wireless LAN) antennas, ham transceivers, and other radio frequency (RF) analog and digital signaling, microwave, radar, hi-fidelity professional audio, non-destructive testing (NDT), oil and petroleum production, ultrasonic transducers, accelerometers, strain gauges, and some professional video applications.

RG174 Specifications

The following are nominal values; if you have exact requirements that need to be met for a given application, please contact us.

Impedance50 ohms
Inner Conductor Diameter0.48 mm
Dielectric Diameter1.52 mm
Shield Diameter2.23 mm
Capacitance100.0 pF/meter (30.5 pF/foot)
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 C (-40.0 F)
Maximum Operating Temperature75 C (167.0 F)
Jacket Diameter2.79 mm
Jacket MaterialPVC
Velocity Ratio66%
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We hi-pot test our cable assemblies for high-voltage breakdown between core and braid. See About Hi-Pot Testing for why this might matter to you, particularly for physics or NDT applications. Caution: We make no claims as to the safety of this product for high-voltage use. These voltages can kill. Do not handle or approach any cable or conductor carrying high voltage; this includes insulated cables, nearby metal parts, water, and other conductive materials. Engineering and design for safety in your application are your responsibility.

Customization and Ordering

  • We make our own cable assemblies. If you need a connector type that you don't see here, or if you have custom requirements, feel free to contact us.
  • RoHS compliance available upon request.
  • low noise RG174 cable available -- see Cables/RG174 low noise.
  • If you need a quantity discount quote, please contact us. We're always happy to work with distributors.

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